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How To: Survive the Bridesmaid Dress Dilema

Posted on July 30th 2013

As if choosing your Bridesmaids wasn’t enough of a minefield, now comes the task of choosing the dresses…


First things first; choose YOUR dress. The shade of white you choose (or indeed any other colour) will then dictate the colours of dresses, which will determine the flowers etc. Try to choose a material for the Bridesmaid dresses that evokes the same feel as your gown, but try not to choose one that will make your dress get lost in the pictures.

Be a friend when choosing the dresses. This may be your day, but your Bridesmaids will also be in the centre of attention with you, particularly for the photographs. If they feel comfortable, they will be more relaxed, and in return will be a calming influence for you on the day.


Try and take into consideration hair colours and complexions when deciding a colour theme.

Bright colours tend to be more flattering on a wider variety of skin tones, and will make your dress ‘pop’ on the day and in photographs. Pastels will create a more romantic overtone, and are a softer approach for any Bridesmaids who don’t feel comfortable wearing a bold colour.

length dressesforbridesmaids.blogspot.com

There are no rules to say that all the Bridesmaids have to wear the same colour. It has become increasingly popular to choose a ‘tone’ (citrus/vintage etc), and have each girl in a different colour dress that compliments not only themselves but each-others dresses.

pastels greenweddingshoes.com


Decide from the outset how much influence you want your Bridesmaids to have over the final decision, and make it clear, from the very beginning. This will go a long way towards avoiding arguments and should help prevent you becoming overwhelmed with wishes and wants.

If you want to go down the traditional route of having all of the Bridesmaids in the same style, A Line waists and Empire Waists tend to be the most flattering on all body shapes.

A Lines are flattering on most body shapes.

Alternatively, choose the material, and allow the girls to design their own dress, as Mollie King and her sister example beautifully at their Sisters wedding recently. In order to keep some control over the final look, apply some ground rules. For example, decide on a length, this will avoid pictures with a mixture of maxi, midi and mini dresses!

mollie_king_bridesmaid handbag.com


Allocate a budget, and stick to it. If you are asking your Bridesmaids to contribute, try to choose a style that they could wear at another function in the future. None patterned, darker materials tend to work the best for this.

Don’t Forget the Extras

As females, it is inevitable that the outfit doesn’t stop at the dress. Remember finer details such as hair accessories, shoes and even spanx that may be required (although we would bet that most of your girls who want them have already got some!)


Keep it fun and DO NOT get stressed! Make a day of it, meet the girls for lunch somewhere close to the shop/designer and enjoy the girly time together!

stressed bride

Garden Party Fun

Posted on June 27th 2013

Top tips for Garden Party Success

Here at Canvas we are trying to make the most of the brief sunny weather by throwing garden parties. If you’re looking for more than just your average British BBQ then read our top tips for Garden party success.


garden party 1

Source: English-wedding.com

Budget – Cap your spend and decide early on how big you want your party to be and how much it will cost you.

Pick a theme – As with almost all events, consistent theming makes for a memorable event. By choosing a theme all of your other decisions can gravitate around this one choice and your party will have natural synergy. Now go and tell your guests what the theme is; your guests need to know if it’s a sophisticated garden soirée or the mad hatter’s tea party.

Wet weather plan – It could be using a marquee or moving the whole thing indoors but you need to plan for bad weather. It does happen and no matter what the weather man says you can never have a 100% accurate forecast.



garden party 2

Source: ruffledblog.com

Prepare the area – Garden parties depend on the location. If it’s in your garden then you need to put your green gloves on and get to work. Mow the lawn, weed, plant flowers and put away the washing line. Outdoor seating is a must so invest in a place for your guests to sit, if you don’t have enough chairs yourself: borrow some or look into renting them. Think too about flowers; a couple of small floral displays or some small pots of potted herbs will only enhance your garden space.

Decorate – It’s still a party so make it visually appealing! Colours are essential and outdoor decorations are everywhere this time of year. Make sure that they match your theme to create a consistent experience for your guests. Bunting is still a popular choice for outdoor parties and it won’t cost you a lot. Paper lanterns are also a pocket friendly outdoor decoration that can create a more fun and interesting setting.


garden party 3

Source: loveluxeblog.com

Food and Drink – if you really want to wow your guests then go for seasonal foods. Bring the Summer through to the food and drink too. Mojitos and pitchers of Pimms are a favourite for almost all so put out a few different choices and let your guests help themselves. Make sure you have a way to chill your beverages so that your drinks will offer cool refreshment for your guests.

Think about… Outdoor heaters? The weather can be unpredictable and your guests might get a bit chilly once the sun goes down. Fairy lights? A night time party can be easily illuminated with these and they look good too. Entertainment? You could simply mingle with your guests or provide them with an entertainment source. You could play music or hire a band or even another form of entertainment for your guests to enjoy. Tea lights? Purse friendly and yet so fitting for an outdoor party. They might be just what you’re looking for.

Have fun! – The weather won’t last forever so let’s make the most of it and get outdoors.

Introducing Weddings By Canvas

Posted on June 27th 2013

In March this year, Canvas launched itself as the newly-named creative arm of the ESC Events group – one of the UK’s leading events companies. This rebrand was designed to give greater prominence to our creative offering.

Canvas has adopted a fresh, contemporary look and feel for its branding. The predominantly white branding takes its lead from the company name ‘Canvas’, chosen based on its meaning as ‘the background against which events happen’, and a basis for creative work to take place.

Following in the footsteps of this, ESC Weddings (of the ESC Events Group) now falls under the Canvas umbrella as ‘Weddings by Canvas’.

Clare Wickens, Director of Weddings by Canvas says, “Whilst we are aware that many Brides still dream of a White Wedding, to maintain the view that Weddings are (and will continue to be) a traditional, classical affair in 2013 and onwards is just not true. Everywhere you look in the Wedding industry there are cutting edge, modern influences on almost every aspect of the day; whether that be a coloured bridal gown, exotic floral arrangements or the abundance of a traditional Top Table format.”
modern wedding flowers forget-me-notts.co.uk Classic Wedding Bouquet vogue flowers

Contemporary V Classic Wedding Flowers

“Weddings by Canvas will still maintain all the traditional values of ESC Weddings, but will carry with it the option of a contemporary twist for the more modern, cosmopolitan couples. No two couples planning for their big day will ever be the same, and our role is to deliver the perfect Wedding for each and every one of them that walk through our doors.”
Contemporary wedding cake kikka cakes Classic Wedding Cake Otley Patisserie

Contemporary V Classic Wedding Cakes

The Weddings by Canvas team will be headed up by Director, Clare Wickens and Wedding Planner, Eleanor Bradfield.

For more information about Canvas Weddings, please contact Eleanor Bradfield on 01252 797220 or via emailing eleanor@canvasevents.com .

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