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Tips and Ideas for Last Minute Party Celebrations

Posted on April 28th 2011

Street Parties began after World War I as ‘peace teas’ and since then they have occurred for all types of events – Anniversaries, National Wedding days, New Years Eve etc the list is endless. It is estimated that 1 million people will enjoy them over the Royal Wedding Weekend which matches the last Wedding in 1981. Are you one of these people who will be celebrating like this? If so have a look ar our handy 10 tips below.

1) Use whatever Space is available i.e parking areas, gardens, local pub if you do not have permission from the council to close the road.

2) Keep it simple and get everyone in the party mood with a cheesy music play list. Remember to cover all genres though.

3)  Invite people via Facebook as well as traditional invites. You could always get any younger members of the family on board to create posters or invites which then can then distribute around the area.

4)  Have a rough itenary outlined for the day so that you know what should be happening where and when. Consider the timing of your party as some people may want to watch the wedding as a family.

5)  Decorations needn’t be expensive – you can make bunting, paper chains and popcorn chains and is a good way to get everybody involved. Ask everyone to bring garden furniture especially umbrellas / parasols as you never know what may happen to the british weather!!!

6) Buffet food and BBQ works best. You may require permission for a BBQ as they are usually not allowed on a highway so just bear this in mind. Give food and drink a twist – Earl Grey Martinis, Champagne jelly shots, Cheese and Bacon Scones, Red white and blue cupcakes the list is endless.

7) Encourage people to dress in colours of the union jack or why not nominate a couple to be the royal couple for the day.

8.  Play Games which could have a Royal Twist – Musical Thrones, Prince and Princess Competition and a wedding cake decorating competition are just a few. Or even a typical quiz could be done but name the teams after famous Royal palaces instead.

9)  Have lots of water on hand. You don’t want the party to be over before its started.

10) The most important one of all. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Wedding occasions like this don’t come around that often so make the most of it