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Thinking Greener Accommodation…Think Tree Hotel!

Posted on March 21st 2012

Contemporary, different and a totally unique experience, The Tree Hotel North East Sweden is the latest creation in environmentally friendly accommodation. With 24 rooms and five unique separate tree houses, The Tree Hotel really does offer a totally unique concept to green accommodation.Image

Located in Harads which is 100k from Lulea Airport, which is roughly an hour and 25 min drive. But boy is it worth the drive to stay in such unique accommodation, boasting stunning views from these truly spectacular tree houses.Image

The creators of The Tree Hotel are all unanimous in the importance of making minimal environmental impact in the creation of this business.  During the construction they made sure that The Tree Hotel and its separate tree houses only use sustainable energy sources, used materials and construction techniques that had as little environmental impact as possible.  The company also did not take any trees down during the construction of the business and used only local companies and service providers.  The company uses hydro electric energy and low energy lighting throughout the complex.


Here at ESC we think this is a fantastic and highly creative new concept, which has great appeal to the ever growing demand for greener solutions within the industry. We specifically love their motto “It’s going to work out, do it”. We feel this is a great inspiring motto, for more information check out their website which is also highly user friendly:  www.treehotel.se