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This Summer’s Must Have Essential!

Posted on May 29th 2012

The portable BBQ is this summers must have gadget.  With so many large celebrations and events coming this summer the British BBQ couldn’t be more popular. With popularity comes fashion and trends, which is what the portable BBQ is fast becoming.  Check out some of the photos below from various sources, showing how you can fashion your BBQ to match your event theming! Whether it is a traditional summer BBQ and greens your BBQ choice, red to integrate into any Jubilee themed event or give your BBQ a feminine touch with a purple BBQ to match any occasion including putting a twist to your traditional Royal Ascot picnics. The great thing about these BBQ’s is once you are done cooking you can remove the grill, throw on whatever wood you can find and enjoy the summers evening around your own open fire.  Perfect for roasting marshmallows!!


2012 Welcomes alternative centre pieces!

Posted on May 16th 2012

What a brilliant and well overdue invention!

How many times on events have we had to accommodate tricky cables to get lighting to table centres!

These fantastic lamps mean you can finally have lighting without the wires!

Are you at a venue where you can’t use naked flames?! That puts candles out of the picture– it can be tricky to create nice atmospheric lighting.

These lamps not only provide lovely ambient lighting but are a real feature themselves.  Meaning you can move away from your standard floral table centres and really wow your guests with a lit centre piece!

The ESC team love them and will be using them on our next event!!