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Garden Party Fun

Posted on June 27th 2013

Top tips for Garden Party Success

Here at Canvas we are trying to make the most of the brief sunny weather by throwing garden parties. If you’re looking for more than just your average British BBQ then read our top tips for Garden party success.


garden party 1

Source: English-wedding.com

Budget – Cap your spend and decide early on how big you want your party to be and how much it will cost you.

Pick a theme – As with almost all events, consistent theming makes for a memorable event. By choosing a theme all of your other decisions can gravitate around this one choice and your party will have natural synergy. Now go and tell your guests what the theme is; your guests need to know if it’s a sophisticated garden soirée or the mad hatter’s tea party.

Wet weather plan – It could be using a marquee or moving the whole thing indoors but you need to plan for bad weather. It does happen and no matter what the weather man says you can never have a 100% accurate forecast.



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Source: ruffledblog.com

Prepare the area – Garden parties depend on the location. If it’s in your garden then you need to put your green gloves on and get to work. Mow the lawn, weed, plant flowers and put away the washing line. Outdoor seating is a must so invest in a place for your guests to sit, if you don’t have enough chairs yourself: borrow some or look into renting them. Think too about flowers; a couple of small floral displays or some small pots of potted herbs will only enhance your garden space.

Decorate – It’s still a party so make it visually appealing! Colours are essential and outdoor decorations are everywhere this time of year. Make sure that they match your theme to create a consistent experience for your guests. Bunting is still a popular choice for outdoor parties and it won’t cost you a lot. Paper lanterns are also a pocket friendly outdoor decoration that can create a more fun and interesting setting.


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Source: loveluxeblog.com

Food and Drink – if you really want to wow your guests then go for seasonal foods. Bring the Summer through to the food and drink too. Mojitos and pitchers of Pimms are a favourite for almost all so put out a few different choices and let your guests help themselves. Make sure you have a way to chill your beverages so that your drinks will offer cool refreshment for your guests.

Think about… Outdoor heaters? The weather can be unpredictable and your guests might get a bit chilly once the sun goes down. Fairy lights? A night time party can be easily illuminated with these and they look good too. Entertainment? You could simply mingle with your guests or provide them with an entertainment source. You could play music or hire a band or even another form of entertainment for your guests to enjoy. Tea lights? Purse friendly and yet so fitting for an outdoor party. They might be just what you’re looking for.

Have fun! – The weather won’t last forever so let’s make the most of it and get outdoors.