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Baby Showers

Posted on June 6th 2013

With the arrival of the Royal Baby imminent, we’ve got baby fever in the Canvas Office and we’ve been wondering exactly what a Royal Baby Shower would look like, perhaps something like this:

As usual, Allison Jackson has done an amazing job of creating an incredibly realistic portrayal of the Duchess of Cambridge’s Baby Shower, and we absolutely loved her video:


All of this got us thinking, what makes a great baby shower?
There are certainly a lot of elements to consider, so it might be handy to have a sister/best friend close to hand to help with all the details as, most likely, you will be beginning to get fed up by the time it comes around to your shower and your patience to deal with things like dietary requirements will have abandoned you a long time ago.
When should you have your Shower?
It isn’t un-common for women to work right up until the last couple of weeks before the bundle of joy arrives and whilst it is a nice idea to celebrate the beginning of your maternity leave with a party, you could potentially go in to labour at any point and there will still be so many things you want to do with your free time (enjoying long lazy baths, watching a film from start to finish and painting your nails to name a couple of the vitals).
With that in mind, around 35 weeks seems to be the optimum time to set your date. At this stage you shouldn’t feel totally uncomfortable and there is still plenty of time after the Shower to go out and buy the things that you need and didn’t receive as a gift.

baby shower cupcakes babymagz.com
Who should you invite?
Try not to fall into the ‘Wedding Guest List’ trap. Trusts us, the woman acting as your maternity cover or your cousins new girlfriend will not be offended if they aren’t invited! Keep it to your closest family and friends who are going to be there for you when the baby is born so you can share your excitement with them. There is no reason you have to stick to the female only policy, but if you do decide to invite Dad-to-be and a couple of his family/friends then try to remember to have a few cold beers in the fridge to get them through the fluffy toys, tears and cupcakes that are unavoidable at a Baby Shower!
Remember, higher numbers of guests will affect the number and type of games you can play, and catering the event becomes more of a consideration once you invite more than 20 guests.
Pick a Theme

Baby Shower Theme 2
It can be nice to tie in your chosen Nursery Theme: Pooh Bear, Animals, traditional blue or pink, Disney etc. This can then link in with elements such as table decorations/invitations/cake decorations and also makes it easy for your guests to choose your pressie.
However, that is if you want one at all. Themes require a lot of pre-planning many Showers are non-themed and are just as special.


Our best advice would be to keep it simple! If you aim for a time of around 3pm, you can easily get away with something as simple as cream tea and cakes. Lots of delicious scones, fresh cream, jam, cute cupcakes and Victoria sponge is more than enough to keep 20 or so friends and family happy for a couple of hours.

Cream Tea mywaffle wordpress com
If you are worried about people getting hungry, put a selection of sandwiches out. Remember everyone is there to see and celebrate with you, and are not expecting a gourmet meal.
Make a nice fruit punch for everyone to sip on, and perhaps put a bottle of vodka on the table for anyone who wants to ‘liven’ theirs up but remind them this is not a Saturday night in your local and it will be no fun for you to watch everyone get slowly drunk whilst you remain sober.
Games and Activities
Some people may think that games are a cliché, but they are a good way to get people interacting with each other and help everyone relax.
Hopefully your afore-mentioned best friend/sister has already organised something for you but there are a couple of ideas that we particularly like to keep you all entertained:
1) Name the Famous Baby: Print off pictures of celebrity babies, and the celebrities. Give each guest both batches and get them to match up as many as they can. If you prefer, put them into groups so it gets people chatting and laughing. The most matches wins! Simple!
2) Who’s that Baby?: Use the same principal as above, but this time with your guests as the babies! Ask each of your guests for a baby picture in advance of the Shower, and get each person/team to match the baby to the guest.
3) Set up a Mini Spa: Depending how close your Guests are to each other, this is a fun way to do something girly without the pressure of having to organise games. Set up a little station with nail varnishes/face packs/hair treatments and give each other mini treatments! Understandably this is something not everyone will feel comfortable doing so make sure you ask in advance instead of springing it on your guests as they arrive!
But Most Importantly
Your only job is to keep Mum and Baby happy and healthy! If the thought of organising a shower leaves you cold, send a text/Facebook message around your nearest and dearest with a time and date to meet at your favourite restaurant and just enjoy.

canvas pound for life

Posted on April 30th 2013

As part of the exciting re-brand, the team at canvas are delighted to announce the arrival of the canvas pound for life, in support of Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK.
Whether you are stuck for a pound coin for your gym locker or in a dash at the supermarket, you can always rely on the canvas pound for life which simply clicks on and off your key-ring. The product ties in neatly with canvas’s ‘common-sense creativity’ ethos; promising reliable, practical support to our clients, delivering end results that exactly match requirements and expectations. Not only that, with the new colourful canvas branding, they look great too!

pound for life photo
Canvas pride them-selves in actively supporting the work of charities whenever possible. As such, the business has decided to support Make-A-Wish Foundation as part of the canvas pound for life concept. Make-A-Wish Foundation UK grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions, and for every pound for life canvas sends out that is registered by the recipient, canvas promises to donate £1 towards a child’s wish.
A wish is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a child fighting a life-threatening condition. It’s a positive distraction from on-going medical treatment and a focus for children living with serious illness whose future may be uncertain. Wishes come in all shapes and sizes, but to give you an idea of how far the money goes:
• £10 will buy lunch for a child who wishes for a special visit to London
• £20 pays for a sparkly tiara to help fulfil a little girl’s wish to be a princess for the day
• £50 buys the special uniform for a boy who wishes to be a soldier, policeman or fireman for the day
• £100 provides a Eurostar ticket to help make a special wish trip to Paris happen
• £150 pays for a mini tuxedo for a boy wishing to be James Bond
• £200 will fund a magical therapeutic swim in the sea with dolphins for a child who wishes to go to Florida
• £350 buys a VIP hospitality ticket for a child who wishes for a fantastic trip to see their favourite Premiership football team playMAW_Logo_UK
The office at canvas has hundreds of the canvas pounds for life that are being gifted to clients, contacts and associates as part of the business’s re-brand, but they don’t want it to stop there! Anyone can register for one of the canvas pounds for life, all you have to do is email justin@canvasevents.com and use the reference ‘Make-A-Wish’ along with your name and company’s postal address, and canvas will do the rest!
John Wickens, Managing Director, says “Make-A-Wish Foundation is a really worth-while cause, and I am happy to support the charity as part of the re-brand and launch of canvas. One of the great things about the charity, besides the fact it focuses on giving children and young people fantastic experiences, is that there is such a wide range of wishes made that almost any donation can make a significant difference to a child’s life. I’d like to make as many wishes as possible come true, so join us in our celebrations at canvas and register for your pound for life today.”
For more information about canvas or Make-A-Wish Foundation visit www.canvasevents.com or www.make-a-wish.org.uk .

April Showers

Posted on April 9th 2013

In 2012 the UK saw the wettest summer since records began, and almost four months into 2013 we have already seen the coldest Easter for more than 50 years; so with outdoor Weddings becoming increasingly more popular amongst us ever optimistic Brits, we thought now might be an appropriate time to start planning for when the heavens decide your perfect day isn’t going to be quite so perfect.

If you haven’t already, choose a venue that has an outdoor area and an indoor space nearby. This will automatically reduce your stress levels in the run up to the big day, most venues who host outdoor weddings will be used to having to jump ship at the last minute and will know exactly what to do.

The hardest part about implementing weather contingency plans is…DECIDING TO DO IT. Trust us, the longer you leave it to make the decision, the more stressed both you and guests will become. An hour before the ceremony, make a decision and stick to it!

If you haven’t hired a wedding planner, make sure you have assigned a bridesmaid, family member or friend to have the job of informing everybody about the new location, including the guests! It’s a good idea to have signs drawn up ahead of the day showing guests where to go if the plans have changed, these can be popped up in a matter of seconds and will eliminate about one hundred phone calls being made. Social media is another good way of getting the message out quickly, and cheaply.

If you have opted for a venue that doesn’t have a nearby indoor space and are going for a marquee option, hire another smaller marquee which you can set up with sofas and a bar area which can be used as overflow for guests who want to ‘mosey around’ rather than stay on the dance floor. And don’t worry, it won’t go to waste….plenty of your guests will be grateful for somewhere to go and ‘rest their eyes’ towards the latter part of the evening, or maybe even earlier for senior members of the family.

A fun way of making light of the situation is to hire in umbrellas in your theme colour, or in lots of different colours. This will not only make the photos a little less drab but will also make sure your special day still looks pretty and like it was part of the big plan.

Fans of tea lights need not worry, battery operated tea lights give exactly the same effect and you don’t need to worry about them blowing out or, even worse, burning something. If you can, stretch your budget to incorporate some lighting production costs as this will go a long way to brightening up any grey skies.

Heaters are a must. Whether it is thirty or thirteen degrees, this is the UK and, unfortunately, by 8pm your guests will inevitably be shivering, especially the smokers amongst the group. Scatter them around both inside and outside the marquee and it will help avoid draining out a particular area of the party.

Of course you will not need any of these plans as it IS NOT going to rain on your day, but just in case, we hope these little hints helped. Good luck!

 wedding umbrellas thebigweddingsite.com

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